You Know What is Next

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Confusion, uncertainty, and indecision can cloud us.  We don’t know where to turn or what to do next.  We begin to think about all the possibilities of what we can do.  We play out all the scenerios in our head and what could happen with each one.  We get more confused.  Then we think about all the things we did in the past.  We analyze what each of those outcomes were.  We even get sad or depressed about the lack of our desired outcome.  This spins us in another negative flow.  We start feeling more uncertain maybe even to the point of hopelessness. 

 We exist in our head creating scenerios that already happened and are over.  Or we exist in our heads about all the possible actions, and outcomes in the future that aren’t even here yet.  Then we emotionally take on these feelings of hopelessness and sadness ALL based on the past or the future, BOTH aren’t real. You can change this pattern.  Watch yourself today do this over and over.  Pay attention.

Then take yourself to right now.  This is the most powerful place to be.  In the moment you can hear and see and know things that you didn’t think possible.  This is the place where you will find some answers or find direction for what is next.  For cancer support, 

You WILL NOT find it in rehashing the past or planning the future!

To help you calm your mind try holosync .  I used it my healing.  It is a CD you listen to of tones.  It is calming and will help you connect to your higher wisdom.  

Also I am currently breathing every day and have found amazing results.  It is 7 to 10 minutes a day of beautiful music and sound.  No thinking required, it does it all for you.  It will help calm your mind and get you to a more centered, present moment.  So you can live your life, making decisions and acting on them in the present connected to your wisdom and the wisdom of God.

Go here to check it out.  Or call me or email Sheila Ulrich and I will explain in more detail.

Genie O’Malley is the founder and an incredible woman.  Here is one of her methods for getting to the moment.

 The Moment. Throughout our day we are presented with so many thinking opportunities that we can loose hours of our time just thinking about what if, what could, what should, and will I. When in truth our lives are about understanding each moment. Not looking at the moment from an overall view, but seeking realizations in the details.

What is each opportunity and experience presenting to me and how is it defined through my eyes, my senses, my inner vision, and wisdom. As you sit and breathe slowly and rhythmically take a moment to answer the following questions.

Right now in this moment what is the temperature?

Where are you?

What is the primary color in the room or environment?

Do you feel nurtured?

What can you hear?

Describe the closest life to where you are right now ie: person, animal companion or earth element?

What do you taste in your mouth?

 Are your hands hot or cold?

Are your feet hot or cold?

What color is the light that is filling the room? Is the light dim or bright?

 As you sit with your questions answered move into the details, into what is present right now. Welcome to the moment

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