You are a Flower!

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Celebrate you!

This is what I blogged a couple days ago…..

“Within this day celebrate your beauty.   Celebrate who you are completely.  Accept you as a divine being of love.  Go beyond what the mind has been saying to you.  Drop the negative and embrace your beauty inside and out.” 

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Then I read this and wanted to share it with you.  It is said perfectly!

Imagine yourself as a flower.  It is tightly closed, with the center of the flower sitting within the darkness, unseen and not celebrated for its beauty. If we imagine that this flower breathes life, as it breathes life it gently unfolds each petal, opening to the beauty and energy of the sun and the earth.

As the flower unfolds the center of the flower fully reveals itself. The center of the flower can be seen as our awareness to self-love.

As the center of the flower realizes itself, the petals slowly awaken and glow the divine intelligence and beauty of this flower which is the action, growth and wisdom of love.

As you sit within your life see yourself as a flower. Is your center open?

Are your petals dancing within life, celebrating the beauty that they offer those that see, hold and witness the flower?

Is your breath unfolding your life as a flower? Are you aware of your center which is the essence of love?

There is importance in awakening to love. There is beauty in awakening to love beyond all limitations and language that defeats love. There is an opportunity to celebrate life as this flower within breath.

Allow yourself to be the flower, your breath to awaken you to love, and life to be the essence, the water, and the wholeness of life that keeps the flower alive to be celebrated within each moment that it is visible to the universe.

This is Genie O’Malley’s experience and words of wisdom.  Go here to learn more

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