Wisdom of Loving Others

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Once we truly love ourselves unconditionally, we can then love others.

What does that mean?  “I love others! Even though I may not always love me.”

We are born into this universe from one source, I call God.  (Others use different words meaning the same thing)  We all come from the same source.  If we all come from the same source, we must be part of the whole, part of God.  If we are all part of God, we are all part of each other too.  This is where the wise teachers of the past, refer to for example, “We are all part of the body of Christ”.  Or ”We are all ONE”. 

We are all one if we came from the same ONE!

So how can we truly love another, child, friend, sister, mom……………….

If we don’t love ourselves………………….

It is the same thing, we are the same thing…….We are all one!

Next step is loving others unconditionally………………….. 

4 Responses to “Wisdom of Loving Others”

  1. Stan Maley Says:

    Hi Sheila

    To love oneself unconditionally, I am of the opinion that we need to have a relationship with ourselves.
    That is, what you really are, with what you see.

    Over centuries we have managed to separate ourselves from ourself. If you understand that meaning? Which means we (the ego) has separated itself from God and is a walking, talking, thinking entity but without substance.

    That is that peculiar entity we call me, changes every millisecond, changes thoughts, changes opinions like the wind and floats around like a cloud of vapour actually.
    It is not real but imagines itself to be what it thinks it is.

    That is impossible of course because as I said, that form changes every millisecond and so does the self-opinion of ME, change every split second.

    We need to make friends with ourselves, forgive and get on with it.



  2. Sheila Says:

    Thanks Stan,
    Beautifully said! You are right on with making friends with ourselves. I love your perspective.
    Please comment more tomorrow.

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