Who Are You?

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To heal from anything in your life and I mean anything…………………………you have to look at all aspects of your being.  If you look at only the physical, you will miss the biggest opportunity to heal and grow. 

As a cancer survivor speaker, I am not here just to talk about cancer.  Well that was my ”thing” to experience in life, and every human being walking on this planet has their “thing.” 

I already can hear, “No my thing is different and worse and unimaginable and impossible and part of my personality, etc……!!!”

Yes all our”things” are different, but we are all here to learn, to grow or to remember who we really are when our “things” are stripped away.  Who are you when your job, or role as mom, or your house, or your health or your money gets taken away?

This is a big question for all of us right now as we see the world around us changing.  Our political, economic, social and global systems are rattling and changing.  Each of us are facing challenges in our lives of different magnitudes.  Some are losing their homes, many losing jobs, some are losing their health and many are losing their money.  Now who am I?

Every relationship we are in, is actually a relationship with ourself also.  So how you speak to another shows how we speak to ourselves and how we feel about ourself.

How are you speaking to those around you, your boss, your spouse, your children, your mom and dad, your friend, your neighbor, your client, etc.?  Are you blaming, lying, comforting, celebrating, shouting, or not speaking at all?  How are you speaking?

Write these down.

Now look at how you are speaking to others and this is how you are speaking to yourself.  What are you saying about yourself every day?

Are these words healing?

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