Who Am I Really-Body, Mind and Spirit?

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Consciousness is not in the body; the body is in Consciousness. And you & I, we are that Consciousness

For so long I thought I was my body, but then there was me watching my body.  If I was watching my body, my body wasn’t me.  I was someone outside of my body.

 I also would watch all these crazy, scary thoughts go through my mind.  I would start thinking about cancer growing through my body, and what if it had spread to all my organs.  What if my cancer had spread to my brain?  Is this the end of my life here?  What is going to happen?  Am I going to suffer terribly in pain?  My poor kids, they didn’t need to see their mommy wasting away and being eaten up by cancer. 

If I wasn’t careful, these thoughts could take me away for a long time.  It is as if the thoughts actually had life or energy themselves, because they kept going.  It almost seemed that they were growing.  Could that be?

Now you think of a time when you were thinking, thinking, and thinking.  Many times it happens as you are trying to go to sleep and you can’t stop your thoughts.  They take you over sometimes for hours or all night.  With those thoughts come worry, fear, anger, anticipation, guilt and many other emotions that don’t feel good.

These emotions have energy too, that flows through you.  If it is negative, think of all the negative energy flowing through you at a time you want to be peaceful and sleep.

As I watched my thoughts, I realized I couldn’t be my thoughts or my mind, because I was watching them.  I was something other than just my thoughts.  I was not my mind.  Who was this ME?

If I was not my body and I was not my thoughts, then I was something outside of them or something other or in addition to them.  If that was the case, then I must have some control or power over my body and my thoughts.  I was something other than my thoughts or my body.  I was body, mind and spirit.

I knew then I had control over my destiny.  I could change my physical body, my thoughts and emotions.  I realized I was more powerful than I ever knew and I had control over what I experienced.  For my entire life, I had thought life was happening to me, that it was outside of me.  I didn’t think I could control what happened to me and what I experienced. 

Then I remembered what Jesus said, that life was at hand, inside all of us.  He said heaven was within each of us.  Is this what He was trying to remind us of?  Had we really forgotten?

God is within each of us.  God says we were created in the likeness and image of Him.  He is in us and us in Him.  We are part of God.

So was this me observing the different parts of me, part of God?  Was this the piece of me that was God?

WOW!!  If that was true…..I knew anything was possible!

2 Responses to “Who Am I Really-Body, Mind and Spirit?”

  1. Max Lee Says:

    I appreciate you sharing your exploration into who you are. A truly epic journey into the unknown – a dark night of the soul in so many ways. I appreciate you choosing to have a different experience and to learn from what was happening to you. And it seems to me that you saw the face of God and saw it was your own.

    I am imagining that you are living your life with richness and fullness in every moment.


  2. Sheila Says:

    Thank you Max for sharing my journey. You stated my experience so beautifully. “saw the face of God and saw it was your own” yes we are one with God.

    Help me spread the message and help others.

    Much Gratitude

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