What’s Your Gremlin?

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We all have a gremlin sitting on our shoulder.  It is that little voice chattering all the time.  It is that voice creating all the drama in your life.  It is that voice

  • telling you all the things you did wrong,
  • telling you all the bad traits about yourself,
  • telling you you are not good enough,
  • telling you to go ahead and take another drink,
  • telling you to abuse yourself or another,
  • telling you you are justified in your anger,
  • telling you to try those drugs again,
  •  telling you to eat some more………………………………

All the pain in our lives seems to be caused by this little gremlin………………………..

Who is the gremlin any way?   Is it YOU?

When you are so sick and tired of listening to the gremlin and you can’t take another minute of it and you can’t stand to live with it any more, you can decide to divorce it.

How do you do that? First you will come to know the gremlin as not YOU!

You are the one watching and listening to the little thing.  The gremlin isn’t real and you can decide to let the gremlin go and be free. 

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