What’s LOVE got to do with it?

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Life happens every day, every moment.  We are not sure each moment what is coming our way in this vast, amazing universe.  We dream and hope and plan…..and want to believe the best is coming our way.  We do the things we think we are suppose to be doing and we hope for the best.

What happens when life happens?  Unexplained situations show up in our life and hit us in the face?  What do we do?  How do we cope?  How do we deal with the mack truck plowing us over?

It is not about what is coming at us or what life is delivering us.  It is how we respond to the situation.  Only in that moment can we do or be anything different.  It is only in that moment that we are able to make a choice.  What is your choice?

1.  We can respond in anger, sadness, anxiety, vengefulness, etc..


2.  We can respond from a place of love.

What happens when we respond in anger, sadness, anxiety, vengefulness, etc???

What happens when we respond in LOVE?

2 Responses to “What’s LOVE got to do with it?”

  1. Albert R. Says:

    Everything happens for a reason, whether its lover, affection, care or hatred. We have special emotions for every special reason and specific occasion. I live my life as it happens and never put me ins certain frames or put constraints. I know my life is precious and I believe in fate, so living a happy life of my own.

  2. Sheila Says:

    Thanks Albert…for your wise words!

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