What Would You Do if YOU had Cancer

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Shock slaps you in the face and sometimes brings you to your knees when you here the words, “You have CANCER!”

I literally fell to the ground, collapsed in a pile on the floor, screaming and crying.  I was in a state of shock for a few weeks, walking through time quite unaware.

You will be embraced by your doctors and the team of experts to help you in your first steps of this journey.  Initially you are so overwhelmed in a new world with a new language and words you have never heard.  You will want to have someone by your side you trust and love to help you absorb and understand all the information.  Your medical doctors will advise you on tests and procedures to determine the exact diagnosis.  They will also give you options for treatment.

It is a complete whirlwind of tests, procedures, and medical information .  While still in shock, you are asked to analyze all this information and then make decisions.  These decisions affect your entire life. 

Because not only does cancer affect YOU, emotionally, mentally and physically, it affects everyone in your life.  It is so important that you are surrounded by all the people you love and who can support you.  Each can help you in some way, they will each play a role.  In my workbook, Be A Cancer Survivor: A Process to Wellness, it lists all the different roles and helps you sort and assign roles.  Share it with those you know with cancer click here.

It is extremely confusing, partly because of the shock and emotional turmoil.  Don’t be too hasty in your decision making.  Make sure you have all the facts and information.  Always seek another opinion.  Every doctor doesn’t know all the answers.  A good doctor will be researching and consulting with other doctors and bringing in a multi-discipline team.  Every aspect of you and your life should be addressed, mental, emotional, spiritual, family, etc.  It is proven that mental and emotional health has a great influence on your physical health.  Also your spiritual self can influence the outcome of your health.

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