What the Doctors Still Aren’t Telling YOU – Part II

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As your cancer survivor speaker, I feel obligated to tell you what I have learned from 14 years of traveling the road of cancer.  This is my experience and I hope it can help you ask the questions and learn more faster to help you heal all of you.

There are many paths to take in your cancer survivor journey and different treatment options.  Choose what feels right for you.  Not one path is the answer for everyone.  Not one path works for everyone.  There isn’t one answer yet to cure cancer.  But whatever you do and whatever you choose, choose with knowledge and wisdom.

I had surgery to remove an orange size melanoma tumor from my ovary and at the time they thought it had spread to all my organs.  During one conversation with my oncologist we were discussing the size and mitotic rate of my cancer.  They estimated 60 million melanoma cells and a very high rate of growth. 

 Then I asked, “So you stick your big hands inside of me and pull out a 9 centimeter tumor, could have you dropped some of those 60 million cancer cells? Could these cells that could have been dropped travel somewhere else and start growing?” Of course his answer was yes.  I told him please, please don’t tell people you got it all!  We don’t understand.  Then a year or two or five years down the road when we have another big tumor growing inside of us, we say I thought you got it all.

Our doctors can do surgery to remove a tumor or use drugs or chemo to poison the cancer cells or use radiation to burn the cancer cells.  But what do they do to prevent them from growing somewhere else?  My doctors couldn’t tell me.  I hope and pray they are now telling the millions of people suffering with cancer.  This is the big question for all of us.

What can we do to help our bodies be whole?  What can we do to heal our cells and organs and our body systems?

One thing I know for sure is God gave us the foods we need on this earth to feed our bodies, so we must use them appropriately.

The second thing I know for sure is that once we have surgery, chemo and radiation our bodies are under a great deal of stress and toxicity and it is harder for them to destroy any abnormal cell growth.  To have cancer our bodies already are not functioning properly.  Then add treatment to the mix and we could have a prime environment for more cancer.

The third thing I know for sure is we have to rebuild and strengthen our bodies to function as they were intended.  We know the immune system is key to this.  So build your immune system.

Whatever your choice of treatment, there are things you can do to help your body heal.  Ask your doctor, it is critical in your survival.  Don’t be caught one year or several years down the road with another tumor without doing everything you know to heal body, mind and spirit.

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