What Causes Cancer?

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There are so many beliefs out there on what really causes cancer.  Some want to believe it is genetics and some believe want to believe it is all lifestyle.

As a cancer survivor, I hear lots of stories and beliefs.  I decided I wanted to create my own beliefs to live by.  I wanted to have some say in my life or death.  I wanted to have some control.

Many don’t want to believe they had anything to do with their cancer, or could have caused their cancer.  I chose to believe I had control over developing MY CANCER and I had control over the cancer cure and natural cancer treatments.

If I created it, I could then get rid of it, RIGHT?

So I took control and you can too.  One thing most people agree on when it comes to causes of cancer is that the environment influences our health.  There is a ton of research available now on the chemicals and toxins in our environment that contribute to our health and cancer. 

So therefore, we know we must get rid of the toxins in our bodies as an important step in curing our cancer.  YOU CAN!

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