We are more than our bodies!

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We are first aware of our physical body, then our mental body and then OH, NO! what are all these feelings here for?? and then we begin to recognize our true selves.  Some people refer to this as our soul or our spiritual selves, our higher self, our knowing or intuition, our connection to God. Whatever you choose to call it is perfect for you. 

 I saw myself for many years of my life as this physical body.  I thought as long as I maintained this physical life with success, my life would go smoothly.  Through time many aspects of my physical world and life began falling apart.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  Everything was happening TO me and I didn’t see the connection. 

Everything was outside of me.  My connection to my true self was lost.  I no longer could hear that voice within.  It was clouded or veiled by all the external noise of life; my activities, job, kids, roles I played, just the dramas of life.  I had forgotten that I was not all of those activities and roles, but didn’t know it.  I was all of the external noise.

I didn’t know my mind was really trying to control everything in my life.   I didn’t recognize how my mind was creating stress and chaos and trouble all around me and in me.  It created physical ailments and emotional ailments.  Completely unaware, I treaded through life believing or convincing myself all was well.

Then, YOU HAVE CANCER!  Quite a wake up call and one I knew deep within I needed.  I didn’t know how to stop!

I began the journey healing my physical body through nutrition and cleansing.  It is the most logical place to start.  Then through the journey I began to see more clearly I was more than this physical body.  I was being led on a journey back to myself.  A journey from the outside in.

After seeing and feeling and experiencing this transformation, I realized it is all about living from the inside out.  I had forgotten and had gotten distracted trying to live and survive in the world.  I had forgotten how to use my emotions as my guide in life.  I had forgotten how to use my mind for the tool it was created for.  I had forgotten that I had a voice within, with the wisdom and love that I was.

Now speaking with others I share the steps of living from the heart.  When we master the 5 Steps of Living From the Heart we can master our life. I want everyone to experience Living From the Heart

I have put together a workbook that takes you through the 5 steps I learned after 12 years on my cancer survivor journey.  An audio accompanies the 50 page workbook and walks you through the steps.  You will be on your way to mastering your life.  

 Get it here now.

Sheila Ulrich Cancer Survivor Speaker

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