Unconditional Love and Healing

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I have been learning unconditional love at another level.  I believe as we travel this journey called life, we have infinite opportunities to grow, learn and be all we came here to be.  There have been times that I have said, “great! I got that lesson from that experience, now I can check it off my list.”  Only to see it come back in another experience, in a different form and another level.

 At times we take the opportunity to grow from the experience and really experience the essence of who we are and the love we are.  These are the times we let go of the past and use it to make room for something else greater to come into our lives.  This is when everything clicks and it feels easy.  Life flows and we feel happy, centered and balanced.

Other times, we take the opportunity and the experience and hold onto it.  It becomes part of us.  We think about it over and over.  We talk about it and relive it.  We keep it alive in us.  Even when it is a very painful experience.  It is like we push against the very thing (or experience) that will set us free from our pain.  At some level we choose to fight against the experience and hang onto the pain it caused us. 

Why do we hang on to the stuff that hurts us?  This is the human dilemna.  Some how we think it serves us or we can’t let it go.

 As a mother I know unconditional love for my children.  They are an extension of us and we love them with all our hearts.  Even when they do something we disagree or are incredibly disappointed, we don’t stop loving them.  Our hearts ache for them and we love them.  This is unconditional love.

This is the love we are to experience for ourselves and for all others.  This is the love Jesus and all the teachers came to remind us of.  Through all the stories they are showing us the answer to our human dilemna.

Why is it so hard to remember?  Why is it so hard for us to love unconditionally?

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