Tulum: The Final Chapter

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My trip to Tulum, Mexico was an incredible transformational experience and truly a gift. It was a natural healing of body, mind and spirit

Little did I know where this journey would end.  I guess I still don’t, and it doesn’t matter.  I am learning to enjoy the adventure.  Resting in the knowingness that the perfect experience will happen today or NOW.

This new year began with a knowingness from within to start cleansing my physical body.  I followed my heart and had no idea where this journey would take me.  At the time, I had no plans for a trip to Tulum.  I only felt a need to clean out the old and begin putting clean, healthy nutrients back in a clean body.

When we remove the old (no matter what it is) there is room available for the new.  This is true in cleaning out old clothes, or dealing with a painful experience, or facing a negative relationship, or any experience in life.  The cleansing began to prepare the way for removing  the old and making room for something new.

When we listen and trust God leads us and guides us on our journey.  I was ready to listen and trust that my next step would be provided.

I was cleaning my intestines and colon and eating good organic food, when the opportunity landed at my door to go to Tulum.  See the first Tulum Story. 

My body was prepared for the experiences in Tulum.  I was able to physically endure the exercises including yoga, pilates and cardio.  I was mentally clearer to be present.  Being present in conversations with the other women, with yoga, or my healing sessions, or in the sweat lodge all allowed me to truly be there and experience it.  I was clearer as emotions came up I was able to feel, see and experience them.  So I could let them go forever.

A calm and peace appears as we are present and connected to God and our true self.  This awareness is comforting and peaceful.  We are able to see and know things we didn’t before.  Answers to questions appear, and guidance on decisions is available. 

So this was an amazing plan.  Not a plan I was consciously aware of, but a plan that I trusted and followed.  Tulum was a healing and growth process.   I feel as if I shedded another layer or layers of “stuff” I have been carrying around this human body.  As I shed more “stuff”,  New “stuff” arrives.  I anxiously wait for more new stuff.  What do I mean by stuff???

Well new exciting experiences are coming my way, new rewarding relationships, new opportunities to do what I love, new opportunities to help other people, new information I never heard about……..the list goes on and on.

This is life! So let’s enjoy the adventure together!

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  1. Be ME! Says:

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  2. Tulum Mind Control Says:

    [...] so grateful each day to experience this space of peace.  Then I began noticing the group I started yoga with was dwindling.  Where were they?  Weren’t they experiencing this same [...]

  3. Tulum: The Final Chapter Says:

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  4. JoAnne F Says:

    I’m grateful to be celebrating this adventure of life myself and to be inspired by you Sheila, you have an incredible way of putting into words what I so often feel about my own journey! As you say, it is amazing what happens when we get out of our own way.

  5. Jocelyne Walberg Says:

    Hi Sheila,
    You are truly inspiring and I loved your story. Keep being present and enjoy NOW!

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