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Yoga is an instrument to open, to be still, and to access the present moment of now.
With each movement is a breath.  The breath allows us to flow with the movement
or the position.  Our breath keeps our focus on what is happening NOW.   In this NOW, is stillness, a space, with no thought.  This is where the peace is found.

I was so grateful each day to experience this space of peace.  Then I began noticing the group I started yoga with was dwindling.  Where were they?  Weren’t they experiencing this same peace?

Later I found them having breakfast in the restaurant cabana, or walking from the store or on their computers doing business.  Their focus seemed to be somewhere else, but I really didn’t know where.  I caught myself trying to figure it out and then I realized, it doesn’t matter.  My mind wanted to create some story about this group of women.  This is what the mind does.  It creates thoughts that become stories.  Then we carry these stories with us.  We begin to believe the stories and then make the stories part of who we are. 

I watched my mind once again try to create something that had nothing to do with me. The funny part is, the story it was creating about these women, was all made up and probably was completely false.  How ridiculous!!

 How many times in our lives do we create these elaborate stories about a situation or person and then believe them?!  And then we ACTUALLY live out the story in our lives!  Amazing!

Instead,  I became the observer of my mind.  The observer was really me.  The observer is the awareness, is the essence of who I am.  And I could choose if I really wanted to create this story.  I choose NO!…………..

After breakfast it was off to the beach, no not to lay and relax, but for a beach workout.
We climbed stairs, carried bamboo shoots, ran relays, lunged, and sweated in the heat.
This was tough!  After an hour in the heat, I was exhausted and wondered how many days I could continue this level of exercise.  I was sure glad I didn’t have the belief that you had to work this hard to stay in shape.  And again I wondered, is this what these women believe you have to do to stay healthy?

At this point, I was hot and tired and all I wanted was the beach and a chair.  I raced into the crashing waves and dove under the aqua water to cool down.  Then I laid back and floated with the huge waves taking inventory once again of the beauty around me.  I felt alive within and felt the aliveness of nature the sea, the wind, the trees, and birds.  I settled into just being.

Lesson three was felt deep within….at any moment I have a choice.  Do I want my mind to control my life or do I want to be the observer of the mind?

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