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The Tulum Adventure

I just spent the most amazing week in Tulum Mexico.Trusting all would work out perfectly, four days before my departure, I booked a flight and a stick hut on the beach. Yes, you heard right…..A stick hut on the beach! Why would anyone pay to sleep in a stick hut with no electricity and bugs and geckos on my walls? For the experience of course!!!!

I arrived at the airport and immediately spotted Nancy, the coordinator of the trip. Shocked by my presence, she couldn’t believe I was there and that I was going with the group. She is the owner of CenterSpace Pilate’s studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  She and eight of her clients were headed for Tulum to the Maya Spa at Azulik for a week of relaxation, yoga, Pilates, and healing.

I had only spoken once to Nancy about the trip and I had expressed interest. We couldn’t connect and she didn’t know I was coming. But I showed up at the airport for the adventure. I had met Nancy on the beaches of Tulum one year ago.

I had actually walked through this spa with Tim, my husband, to determine if we would want to stay here at some time. I said I definitely would want to come back and stay at the resort, even though it looked quite remote and primitive. Tim wasn’t so sure! Amazing how we create our reality by our thoughts and feelings. Ten months later, I was at the spa for a week retreat. Little did I know exactly the experience I would have.

I was open for whatever was to be. The first night I was directed to my cabana in the dark. Clumsily, I found the candles and matches to light the room. There in the middle of the room was my bed encased in a bug net. A small chair sat next to the bed. Across the room sat a water cooler and a small stand for my candles.

Cautiously in the dark I took six steps down a little hall and I found my bathroom and was able to get another candle lit in there so I could see. A small cement shower, toilet and sink reminded me of old outdoor bathrooms we used while camping in the woods.

Exhausted from a day of traveling I fell into bed. The waves were crashing into the rocks and shore, the night creatures were scurrying by my hut, geckos were crawling on my wall and the blackness filled every direction. Then the reality hit….I am alone in this darkness and I am scared to death!

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  1. Tulum: The Final Chapter Says:

    [...] I was cleaning my intestines and colon and eating good organic food, when the opportunity landed at my door to go to Tulum.  See the first Tulum Story.  [...]

  2. Robert Anderson Says:

    Looking at the list of comments it looks like this is a female illness. Don’t men read this book and information?

  3. Sheila Says:

    No cancer touches all lives, men, women and children. Women have more comments here. I will be sure to ask for some male input.

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