The Power Within

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Do you feel the power within you?

Do you believe its there?

We are connected to all that is…or God…we are part of God and with that have the power within us to feel the power and love of who we are.

If you can’t feel it, why not?  If you can’t live in the space, why not?

I guess we call it life…we let life get in the way.  Life’s activities seem to take us over and we begin to live in the activities and not in the energy of our power within.  Activities become easier, less stressful, more enjoyable when we start from within.

How do we do it?  Most of us have forgotten….don’t you think?

Start with quiet time with you….just you…five minutes a day.  Make this a priority.  Just be quiet, relax and just be.  Don’t do anything or strive for anything…just be.

Then before you begin any activity……stop, and just breathe…..calm yourself…..feel the energy rush down from your head through your body….feel your body relax.

Just these two practices EVERY DAY will bring your awareness to right now.  JUST do it!

These simple practices will become part of your life and as they do you will experience a new awareness.

Listen to my connection to my power within and how it saved my life!


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