The Body’s Default Position: Wellness

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This is an enlightening article by Kathy Kirk.  Kathy Kirk will be on Truly Alive radio next wednesday Oct. 7, 2009 so come ask questions.

She is an amazing woman with much wisdom and experience in the field of health and well being and consciousness.

We are the creators of our own reality and our beliefs form the experiences we encounter on this earth. 

So can we change our health by changing our beliefs?  Can we change the consciousness inregards to cancer and eliminate it? 

As the debate rages on in Washington and across the nation dividing us along party lines as we search for the best methods and methodologies for administering healthcare in America. However there is an underlying Truth that is missing from the debate. This Truth is that complete and perfect Health is everyone’s birthright. This capacity is innate, fundamental and within the sovereignty of individual being.

The Body’s Default Position: Wellness

Haven’t you ever wondered how a cut heals, you recover from a cold or the flu, a broken leg mends, or that severed nerves regenerate? In recent news, 12 year old Hannah Clark’s heart repaired itself, much to the dismay of doctors. The only reason we don’t see these types of “healings” with respect to cancer, aids, Parkinson’s and other diseases is that we don’t believe it can happen.

The beliefs and concepts held as “true” in the human mind collective are the prevailing human physical reality; but when someone creates a “new” reality previously held as impossible, we call it a ‘miracle’. The good news here is that if one person can do it, it inspires others to reach for that thought and create that miracle (a new thought) for themselves, as well.

The Body-Mind Connection Surely enough scientific studies have been done by now that point the way to a definitive body-mind connection. For example a collaborative study between the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind/Body Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and the Genomics Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC), a teaching hospital for Harvard Medical School, demonstrates how a single, non-pharmacological intervention can help patients deal with disparate medical disorders. However what makes this study definitive is that is takes the body-mind connection from “soft” science to “hard” science by documenting how the mind can and does affect gene expression.

 There can be no doubt any longer that our internal state determines our physical condition. Our internal state is wholly determined by the beliefs and concepts that we hold to be true. When we can shift this baseline “truth” to Truth, hearts heal themselves, limbs will regenerate, and eventually there will be no need for healthcare as we now experience it.

Spirituality and Science Converge The spiritual community has long held the space of this knowing for the rest of human consciousness. From the ancients to the moderns, such as Louise Hay in her book Heal Your Body and Deepak Chopra in his books, Quantum Healing and Molecules of Emotion, they have faithfully iterated that by our free will to choose where we focus our attention (to change our mind), we create the whole of our own reality. We are the Creators of it all here on Earth; every single bit of it.

Spirituality and science are converging into One, no surprise here for the spiritual community. The personal mastery of self has always been and continues to be quintessentially the free will choice of every human to focus on what is desired and create it for their personal Good and individual pursuit of happiness.

It is only limited, finite human-mind thought that distracts and derails us from our Connection with Source, the fulfillment of all our Good. The Shifting Paradigm: The Age of the Prodigal’s Return We are beginning an evolutionary shift in human consciousness returning us to our spiritual home, our birthright of Oneness in human mind consciousness. This is the story of the Prodigal Son in the Bible, only it was never about a boy returning to his father, but was always about human consciousness returning to the Consciousness of God, Source, All That Is – which is Who We Really Are and always have been.

I’d say these are pretty exciting times on planet Earth!

Kathy Kirk:
Kathy Kirk lives in Ohio. A graduate of Cornell, she is founder of Applied Spirituality and author of, Well Done, and The Earthling’s Quick Start Guide.
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Kathy is a powerful and inspirational speaker to groups as NAS North Island, Qualcomm, BAE Systems, SPAWARS, Mensa, the US Post Office, Cornell, Phoenix House and San Diego County Libraries. She gives Seminars and Workshops.
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