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Within each of us is our connection to the most powerful, loving, all intelligent energy in the universe.  That is where the answers lie for each of us.  Here is an amazing story of a young woman who listened to her inner authority and followed it and believed.

No matter what your situation, go within and find out your truth, whatever that is.  Then follow and believe.  That is when miracles happen.  This is how we were created to live.

I am a German national living in the Philippines with my husband and 4 children since 26 Years.  18 month ago I was diagnosed with Glioblastoma multiforme, the most aggressive and fastest growing of all stage 4 brain tumors.  I had no warning signs like headache, vision problems or any other problems except some tingling and cramping sensations in my leg, which did not really bother me much.

It was back in August 2007, then.  Being a type A person, I didn’t mentioned anything to my husband and 4 children and continued with my busy life.  The sensation became more and more uncomfortable especially when climbing up the 80 steps to our house on the hill, until when suddenly my leg gave way and I fell.   It happened twice in two weeks time.  That’s when I felt that I probably should have a checkup.

After some month of initial misdiagnosis of tumefactive MS – a tumor mimicking case of multiple sclerosis – finally a 5 cm brain tumor was discovered.   A pretty  big one in that location.   By that time my leg was so weak, that I could not walk anymore due to the pressure of the tumor to the nerves connected to my leg.

My wonderful and very loving husband carried me around.  I was operated in February 2008 in a seven hour awake operation, to avoid as much as possible damage to the many delicate nerves located in the brain.  I felt very calm before and during the operation and was able to comfort my frightened family and friends, telling them that there is nothing to worry since everything will be fine.  I kissed, hugged and smiled at my husband and was rolled into the operating room.

I had a team of fifteen doctors and nurses around me in the operating room.  One of the doctors asked me to pray, since it was not an easy operation.  They prayed, too. They were caring and very concerned.  I felt very secure and safe during all the preparations and had some interesting conversations with them until it was time for the incisions.  I was sedated then for a short time.

Before I fell into a short sleep, I saw myself walking on a straight road in a childlike age, holding hands with my heavenly mother and father, left and right.  I am sure, that it was the source of inspiration, confidence and fearlessness that gave me the strength on a spiritual level.  The love of my husband, children and friends nurtured me on an emotional level.  The care, dedication and professional expertise of the doctors and nurses gave me confidence on a pre- and post operation level.

I believe, all of that led me to this mission in my life:

It is to tell YOU My Story of Hope, Love, Trust and Healing.

And to tell YOU about the amazing Powers of Natural Healing,

for Any Kind of Cancer, whatever Stage it might be!

YOU can conquer it – and so DID I .. :-)

You see, after my successful operation, we had to wait for a few days for the result of the pathology.  Since I had an awake operation, I understood already during the operation, that the result was not what we hoped for, but I didn’t mentioned anything to anyone.  I used the time instead to prepare myself mentally to comfort and give strength to my family, for what I knew what was coming up next:  It was to deal with a very real Enemy and Threat to your Life:  being diagnosed with Stage 4 Cancer is No Joke for Anyone!

Whether you are more afraid of your own life, which is very understandable, or the pain of loss for your husband/wife and children, it is always a dramatic change in the course of your life.

But the good news is, YOU do not have to die from it and Your Life might even change for the better!

I had a very dedicated surgeon, who had performed already more than 1000 brain surgeries by that time, but only fifteen awake surgeries.  Most patients are not willing to give it a try – despite the much lower risk of permanent damage – since the patient is conscious.  I felt no pain during the whole time.  The operation went fine.  After the operation, one of the female doctors asked me how I stayed so calm during the whole procedure.

I answered her that there is an Inner Sanctum, which everybody has inside and that’s where I go. There is no fear, because there is no room for fear.

I spent only the minimum of the post OP requirement of 24 hours in the ICU.  I was very hungry. Instead of swallowing the usual liquid food there, I asked my nurse to tell my surgeon that I needed real food.  Otherwise I would get seriously sick.  I got a full plate of real food.  Coming out of the ICU,  I had already the first 3 visitors in my room and the room was overflowing with flowers. It was nice to be alive.  When the result of the pathology was out, my surgeon had it repeated because he didn’t like the result.  We didn’t like it either. But I told him not to worry about me since I am not going to die now.

I am a fighter and survivor.

He told me, that he had so far never a patient with that diagnosis, who told him not to worry about it…He added that my positive spirit was quite unusual.  I left the hospital 8 days after my operation.  The following evening our Indian and Filipino friends gave a big Thanksgiving Dinner for my survival and my whole family. My surgeon was invited, too.  The usual post OP “Therapy” is Chemo and Radiation.  The oncologist and radiologist told me, that this was my only (slight) chance of survival.  Usually most are gone after 6-12 month with that diagnosis.

I didn’t believe my doctors anyway and listened to my inner voice insteadwhich told me, that it is not my time now and there is another and much better way for me.

I told the doctors that I decided to take the road less traveled and treat myself with purely natural modalities instead.  They gave me 3 weeks until the tumor was to return.  That was back in March 2008.  It is now July 30, 2009. And I am not only alive, but completely cancer free!

My husband and I have spent the last 18 month researching intensively and became completely fascinated by the vast variety of purely alternative methods available to get rid of all kinds of cancers.  I am absolutely convinced, that I would not be alive today,  had I let chemo destroy my immune system with chemo “therapy” or had I let the radiation “treatment” damage the DNA of millions of my healthy cells – which causes cancer to return!  I instead had my immune system seriously boosted and used immune cell therapy and powerful, fresh enzymes to expose the remaining cancer cells to my immune system to kill them.  I also use a variety of alternative methods to clean my cells and all organs from free radicals and toxins.

We have not invented natural or alternative healing!

I AM merely a Witness to it’s efficiency and made it My Mission to bring it to YOU in a refined and easily accessible way.

We know how lost one can feel in a forest of options and different opinions at a time, when qualified and experienced guidance is of utmost importance, because by that time, we had to find out on our own…

We have now therefore brought the Wise and Successful in these fields to sit at one table and have inspired them to create a finely tuned therapy with 18 standard and 6 individualized modalities.

To learn more go to Cancer Center Phillipines

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