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Stress is one of the leading causes of illness and disease.  Even though you may not be experiencing any symptoms yet, it is in your body and affects your cells and organs.  Then one day we wake up and wonder, “how did I get sick?”

“What caused this illness?”

It is many things and an accumulation of our life experiences.

What can we do about it?

1.  Give your physical body what it wants.

     -Good Nutrition – get the best at

     -Good Exercise – any cardio and yoga

     -Good Rest – don’t run around like this is the last moment of your life, be quiet and still each day and sleep well

2.  Give your mental and emotional body what it wants

     -Be still each day – walk in nature, pray, listen to music, meditate, be grateful, love

     -Try this program which gets you out of the negative mind

     -Stay out of the negative mind

3.  Live in your heart connected to God and the universe where wisdom resides

     – Try these steps to get you started Living From The Heart

     – Also the suggestions above

Sheila Ulrich Cancer Survivor Speaker giving cancer support

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