Spiritual Solution to Healing Disease, Cancer??

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Spiritual Solution to Healing is there one??

What do you think?

This is a question that we could ponder, analyze, discuss and never intellectually grasp the answer.  Intellectually the mind cannot grasp the depth of the question or answer.  When we think things out we use such a limited aspect of our selves.  The mind is limited in its capacity to search the depths of our entire being.  The mind wasn’t created for this.  The mind is used in our finite reality of the world, not the infinite of the universal mind.

The universal mind as I talk about it here is the ALL…is the everything….is all of energy….is God.

And this is beyond the mind, beyond thought or belief…

So a spiritual solution to healing disease in some way, is beyond our mental capacity.

1.  Develop a spiritual practice so you can experience your higher self…your God-self………..

There are many paths and practices to connect to this awareness of your true being. Choose one and consistently practice it and apply it, to access this place of awareness to yourself-your God-self.  So you can experience your God-self in every moment of your life.  This is where miracles happen….. This will restore you to the truth…the truth of who you really are.

Below is an excerpt from DavidPaul Doyle and Candace Doyle’s book, The Voice for Love: Accessing Your Inner Voice To Fulfill Your Life’s Purpose.

“God’s Voice within you is not a word or a term. It is a Presence, a state of Being, a way of thinking that gives you the experience of Who and What you truly are … of what your True Nature is. It does not matter what words you use to describe this aspect of yourself, this quality or state of Being. It is merely to call It something so that you can put your attention on It. You can call It the Holy Spirit, God’s Voice, the Voice of your true Self, the Voice for Love and Peace within you, or any other name you like.

In Truth, this Presence or state of Mind is your Voice, and yet who you think you are in the world is usually much less than what this Voice truly is and what You truly are. You think you are a person walking around in the world—possibly a husband, a partner, a friend, a business associate—and you become identified with these things, with these forms and concepts. It is possible to use the term Highest Self when thinking of this Voice within you, and yet for most people, the term Higher Self would be associated with a wiser aspect of their personality, a part within their heart or mind that is more connected with Truth or with the big picture. For some, the term Higher Self might even be the voice of their own soul, and yet few would believe that they are much greater than the concept of a soul and that their true Voice is much grander than that of their soul. One still perceives them self to be separate, and for many, the highest concept that they can come up with for who they truly are is that of an individualized soul. The Truth is, you are much grander than that. You are, in fact, One with your Creator, One with All That Is, One with this Voice for God within you.”  click here to learn more about the Doyles

If this is true…..which my experience with stage 4 melanoma, says it is…..

Is there a Spiritual Solution for Healing and Disease???

If we are one with God, are we not powerful enough to heal??

Go get my book, Song of My Soul and learn more about how I found my connection to God.

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