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What an amazing experience I had yesterday on Truly Alive Radio with Yolaine Stout.  We were discussing spiritual solutions to healing and depression more specifically.

Yolaine had 3 episodes of major depression and each one ended in a miraculous physical healing also.  How does that happen?  (Listen to her story on Truly Alive radio to the right on this page).

I believe when we are in a tug of war between our spirit self and our ego self .  When we are in perfect alignment with our spirit self and all that is, God, universe whatever you want to call it, miracles happen.  This is a natural occurance when we are in this state of being.  I believe in miracles every moment.  I believe we were born to express our God self through our physical experience.

When we become distracted by our thoughts and our mind, we are unable to hear our true self speaking to us. 

Yolaine believes depression is….

“A symptom, not a diagnosis. The suffering comes from the repeated wounds inflicted upon our hearts by thoughts and beliefs that are not in harmony with our authentic, spiritual nature. The lack of energy is battle fatigue from the war being waged between our hearts and our heads. It’s our spirit’s desperate way of boycotting our actions – a last ditch effort to get us to change.  Your head may want to give up, but your spirit never will.”

Our spirit is screaming out to us, to be recognized, to be listened to and we ignore it.  It is gently guided us along our path and we are not listening.  We think, feel and act in opposition to our true nature.  And that is love, joy, harmony, peace, compassion….. Then what happens……???  We get tired, we get sick, we lose our job, we experience bad relationships….. All of which is part of our physical expression and experience here on earth.

Can we change our experience?

Yolaine says, “Most depression is a spiritual problem that requires a spiritual solution.  Thoughts of hopelessness, when our spirits are visionary optimists, drag us down. Thoughts of control, manipulation and victimization,  when our spirits rejoice in self empowerment, enslave us. Negative, angry and judgmental thoughts, when our spirits are made of unconditional love, mire us in mud. Thoughts of powerlessness, when our spirits need creative expession,  chain us to the wall.  Thoughts of fear and worry, when our spirits have nothing to fear, keep us in darkness.  Thoughts of shame or guilt,  when our spirits teach forgiveness and compassion,  keep us trapped.”

So if our spirits are optimistic, empowered, unconditional love, freedom, compassion can we use our spirit to heal?

Yolaine sees it every day with her clients as she helps them obtain freedom again and release the prison walls they have created.  To get a copy of Yolaines book, Spiritual Solution to Depression and get more information, Click here.

Is there really a spiritual solution to disease?  Is there a spiritual solution to cancer??????

And if so how do we do it?

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