Self-Love from a Dying 12 year old

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 Marlese was a twelve year old girl who died of muscle cancer.  Dr. Lerma in his book, Into the Light shares her story.  Here are her final words of wisdom.

Marlese left me with these final words from what she learned from the four angels assigned to her:

“ To entertain dishonesty, what is not good or not helpful from others or oneself, only feeds our ego. This act in turn and unwisely crafts a form of guilt within our soul, which forces one to veer from the one thing that will destroy it; that is our free-will to self-forgive and self-love.

The constant lies that our self-centered ego tells our spirit or soul is purely for its self–preservation. It has no consideration for bringing us joy, love and forgiveness. The ego, also known as our sinful nature, stems back to the story of Adam and Eve. It was their ego, the same ego that exists in us, which lead their spirit to defy God’s request.

It is the spirit that is the connection to our Creators spirit and houses our free will, intelligence, foresight, and understanding of right and wrong. Ultimately, the ego does serve its purpose early in life by fighting for survival. As a child, its self-centeredness serves to bring attention to our parents to feed us, cuddle us, play with us. It’s all about “me”.

As we get older and begin to develop our identity, our conscious or higher self, begins to acknowledge its existence and begins to retreat from the egos control.  This period of time is crucial to developing independence, spirituality, self-love and the understanding of self-forgiveness.

 If ones early life is full of distress, anxiety and abuse, the ego strengthens and forms a false identity out of a primordial need to survive. It is then quite difficult to form the identification with our higher self, thus leading to a dysfunctional life full of anger, self-hatred and duplicitous behavior. nThis in turn polarizes our ego and higher self, leading to a battle of what some would consider, good versus evil.

This inescapable darkness is why God sent His only Son to suffer and die. God saw the only way out of this quandary was to show us the way. The way was through acknowledging that there was a God who loved us and through faith, He would give us strength to say no to our ego, self-forgive, self-love and ultimately accept our heavenly inheritance.”

These words of wisdom from a child of God before she died.  Pass it on so we can all share in our inheritance together.

To get Dr. John Lerma’s book.

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    great post hope to see some additional comments next Tuesday…kisses

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    Your site displays incorrectly in Firefox, but content excellent! Thank you for your wise words:)

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