Pelicans Pelicans What Do They Mean??

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The pelicans were here when we arrived……fascinating…inspiring…..

I arrived at the lake to prepare for some friends to arrive for a couple days of fun.  It was raining and overcast skies.  Not a perfect setting for a bonfire and time at the lake but was assured that all would be perfect.

As my friends arrived we noticed two beautiful pelicans sitting right in front of the cabin on the lake.  I had never seen that before.  Then they explained that they had seen pelicans as they were driving to the lake.  They were beautiful, peaceful and serene.  What a message for us, for all of us to live our life in peace and serenity.

As time went by we saw a third pelican, then a fourth.  I couldn’t believe it!  Why were they suddenly here?  They had never been here for 11 years.  Even more intriguing….they were all right in front of our cabin.  They had the whole lake.

As we pondered this, we wondered if this was a message from the universe for us.  No one seemed to know.  What is the symbolism in a pelican.  So true to our lives in 2010, we fired up the computer to search for a meaning of pelicans.

Pelicans:  Abundance and plenty!!

We were astonished…..the four of us met and came together through a prosperity program. 

We were learning and understanding the infinite abundance of the universe.  That all is provided for us all the time.  It is only us that stops the flow of goodness to us.  We block the flow of abundance in whatever form (money, relationships, career, etc.) by our limited beliefs, our past, our fears and resisting what is, right now.  We all were born connected to this infinite abundance.

Our journey here on earth is about finding and remembering our home……our inheritance.

Thank you God for the beautiful, powerful message!

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    Wonderful journey and experience!

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