Omega 3 Supplements to Survive Cancer

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So which omega 3 supplements are the best?

WOW, that is a huge question.  There are thousands of products out there and I can’t possibly try them all.  I rely on others I trust and who have studied this field for years and years.  This is their passion to learn and research products and ingredients and processes and formulators and manufacturers.

I will give a couple examples of omega 3’s that are intriguing and highly recommended.

Here is a new one.  This is a product that claims it is the most natural and highly concentrated omega 3 in the world from green lip mussel in New Zealand.

Here is another one.

EFA Concentrate
This remarkable supercritical EFA product gives you Omega 6, 3, 9 and GLA in a 400:1 concentration. Only 6 drops equals taking 6 teaspoons of other EFA oil blends! Deficiencies of Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) have been linked to prolonged inflammation, pain, fatigue, poor memory, skin disorders, cardiovascular disease, and weak immunity. All the EFA oils in this product are cold-pressed raw nutrients without solvents, chemicals, pesticides or rancid oils. Using new supercritical CO2 extraction methods, the nutritional factors in borage and evening primrose oil remain intact and super-concentrated. Ingredients: CO2 of Peppermint, Vanilla, 800:1 Borage, 300:1 Evening Primrose oil, and 100:1 DHA with Flax, Sesame, and Olive oil that is micronized and emulsified for rapid digestion and absorption. A dose is 6 drops daily which is equal to taking 6 tsp of other EFA oils. There are 280 doses in a bottle.

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  1. Jessica Shepard Says:

    Well, i can safely confirm that one of the BEST omega supplements out there is by Usana Health Sciences. After many years of hard core development by Dr. Myron Wentz (and his team) they developed a line of Pharmaceutical grade supplements. Their biomega is THE BEST i’ve ever taken. Also, a third party study was done in a book called “the Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements” and using a 5 star rating system (based on many important factors) gave Usanas supplements all 5 stars!! They list hundreds of brands and only a small percentage actually get that rating.
    Part of my job is reccomending things like this to my clients, who trust my research and knowledge. So i wanted to find a line that i truly knew was the best. I’m more than happy to give you ANY information you need/want about omega essential fatty acids or any other high grade supplements. please contact me at or see my website.
    i wouldn’t be sharing this information if i didnt trust it whole-heartedly.
    Be well

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