Natural Cancer Treatments

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 As a cancer survivor speaker, I am honored to be able to meet and talk with many people who are facing cancer or know someone who is.

They always ask, “What did you do to survive cancer?”

I wish I had more time to share ideas, information and what I did and what I learned.  There are so many ways to approach cancer and so many conventional and natural cancer treatments out there.  How do you know what you should consider or what is real or legitamate.  This was one of the most difficult parts for me.  I was tired and weak with little energy and I wished I had someone to give me options.

Your medical doctor will present options for conventional treatment and sometimes they may not have all the information or options.  You may want to consider a second opinion to help you make informed decisions.

But then there are natural cancer treatment options, or alternative and complementary medicine that you can consider too.  With millions of options on the internet it is difficult to find what is best for you.  There are millions of supplements and therapies to consider.  It is overwhelming.  There were many times I wanted to give up.  I didn’t have anyone to help me at the time. In  addition complementary medicine was unheard of where I was living and being treated.  My friends and family I think thought I was nuts.

In my book, Song of My Soul, I share the steps I took to heal.

Coming soon The Steps to Survive Cancer workbook!!

With the shock of a diagnosis and numerous doctor appointments and information overload, it is almost impossible to be clear minded to know what to do next.

You can’t possibly do this on your own.  You have to find someone to help you

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