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Did you know you can take oxygen supplements?

This would be considered a natural cancer treatment or part of integrative medicine which is supported now by the medical community.

Now they are trying to develop drugs with the benefit oxygen has for the body in healing disease. 

To be a cancer survivor you must get oxygen into your cells. 

Oxygen is the most vital and abundant element on the earth. We can only live moments without oxygen.  Think about it, we can live for weeks without water and months without food.  But without oxygen, life would only continue for a short time.
“Approximately 90% of the body’s “life energy” is created by oxygen, and 100% of all functions of the body are regulated by it.”
Viruses, amoebas, parasites, fungi or bacteria cause all disease!  If you have high concentrations of oxygen in your body, none of these destructive organisms will live.
Viruses, amoebas, parasites, fungi or bacteria cannot live in high Oxygen environments!
Create an oxygenated environment where those contaminants can’t survive and you’ll start to see changes in your health.
If you have cancer, you MUST increase the oxygen to your cells
Cancer cells cannot survive in a high oxygen environment.

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