My Sister’s Keeper

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As we are consumed by the day to day activities and experiences when someone in our family has cancer, we sometimes can’t see or feel what is really happening around us or within us.  Cancer support is critical through this challenging time.

In My Sister’s Keeper, each individual of Ann’s  family was experiencing their own loss and with that all the emotions that accompany it.  Even as parent’s, they couldn’t really see what was happening to Anna and the internal turmoil and external pain she was trying so hard to cope with.  Their only son was lost and forgotten and living in a world unknown to them.  Kate was consumed with pain and guilt for what she was causing her family and especially her sister, Anna.  They were so focussed on Kate and keeping her alive, at all costs, they were unaware of the real “dying” all around them.

When we lose our awareness of this moment, we actually disconnect from what is real.  We are unaware of words, actions, feelings around us.  We are consumed by our mind.  Our mind takes control of our life and then we become our mind.  If we are fortunate to wake up, we wonder HOW DID THIS ALL HAPPEN? 

We saw this played over and over in the movie with Anna and her entire family.  Any tragedy or loss in life can send us in a tailspin.  Its as if we go unconscious………..and we actually do, completely not present and aware.  How powerful and creative we will be when we are able to stay conscious and aware in these moments of tragedy.

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When Kate’s kidneys fail, Anna is expected to donate one of her own.   It took Anna to hire a lawyer to be medically emancipated from her parents and gain the right to make the decision herself. Her lawyer, Campbell Alexander, works for her pro bono.

At the end of the book, it is revealed that the reason Anna initiated the lawsuit was that her sister didn’t want her to donate the kidney; Kate was tired of being sick and was ready to die. After the trial, Anna is granted medical emancipation but just as she is about to reveal whether she will donate, she suffers a closed head injury in a car crash and is left brain dead. As Campbell Alexander has power of attorney for Anna, he agrees to the donation.

In the epilogue, it is revealed that Kate survived the transplant, although doctors had thought she might be too weak. Kate believes that the reason she survived is that Anna took her place in heaven.

So who really has the right to decide what is best for us?

Who decides our purpose on this earth?

What is your purpose?

Lots to ponder….

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  1. Charles Says:

    Normally I don’t read these types of books but my wife convinced me to. Having been in the hospital last year, I could relate to Anna’s not wanting to go through another procedure again. Pretty harsh book but realistic and worth reading.

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