Miracles Happen Every Day

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Find the miracle in every moment and interaction…this is a beautiful example of why we are here!!

We don’t know how many lives we REALLY touch each day by the words we say or the little things we do, or the smile we carried on our face.  Truly the smallest actions can have a profound effect on another person.  Our lives are to be shared with all the living souls around us.  We are hear to express the love we are, in human form.  We are God expressed in a physical body.

We have the capability to change the world….we have the capability to create peace……we have the capability to have unlimited abundance.

Do you believe this?  Do you KNOW this?

Having faith is the deep knowing that all that we are experiencing is for our highest good.  We don’t have to doubt.  It is our birthright.  We just forgot…..remember who YOU are.

Live your life as a shining example of Gods love and the God you are.

This is a perfect example of the miracles created every moment and the change that is possible.

Please watch and then pass it on to all your friends.

Lets see how many lives we touch!!! much gratitude

Click here to watch please

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