Miracles DO Happen!

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Miracles do happen…and they can happen to you too.
I just had the opportunity to experience a miracle first hand. I was blessed by Trivedi an amzing master and teacher who channels divine energy and transfits it to others.

I was feeling a lot of pain…..the pain was gone…I know it sounds incredible and it is…

I have always believed in miracles…

I have always believed anything is possible….

And I have always believed that it really is our birthright to be healthy and abundant.

It doesn’t have to be hard or a struggle…I have always believed, IT REALLY HAS TO BE SIMPLE!

We are blessed to be living in 2010 when miracles happen all the time, when the energy of the universe and humanity is at a place of expansion. When the energy of the universe from the Divine is flowing freely and when individuals walk this planet who are gifted with the ability to trransfer this God energy.

“Trivedi’s energy transmissions utilize human intention in extraordinary manifestations on both living and non-living matter. Besides its applications in the realms of inorganic matter at the atomic level, his impact on human wellness is nothing short of phenomenal. But his ability to change the face of large-scale agricultural endeavors is perhaps the most exciting of all – and will be of greatest use to humanity. I have no doubt Mr. Trivedi will change the face of science and human well-being in my lifetime.”
- Dr. Rustum Roy, Ph.D

“This is what appears to be the emergence of a new form of Life Energy. This Energy is presently being transmitted by an individual affectionately known as Guruji [Trivedi] in a process he calls ‘blessing.’ The results of this transfer are rather remarkable, as demonstrated by empirical testing on items such as plant growth and human health…”
- Ken Wilber

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