Million Options – Which One?

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What should I do next?  What procedure or treatment should I do?  Where do I go?  Who should I talk to?  Who do I trust?

When you are diagnosed with cancer or any disease for that matter, you feel like you just ran into a brick wall.  It stops you in your tracks.  Literally, it takes your breath away and you may actually gasp for breath.  Your muscles tighten, your heart races, your mind runs out of control and tears flow down your face.

(Proof again…..our thoughts and words affect our physical body!!!!!!!!)

Everything is overwhelming.  Information is flying all around you and you can’t even hear it.  Emotions are flying all around and you can’t even feel.  People are all around you and you can’t even see.  This is the time you lean on the people you love to carry you through. 

There are so many options available.  You should find someone you trust for cancer support.  There are many roles people will play in your cancer survivor journey.  Identify who should play what role.  In my Step By Step Plan for You to Heal from Cancer I outline these different roles so you can assign to your support group.

Everyone knows when we have people who love us and understand what we are going through the journey can be easier.

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