Million Options – Which One?

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When faced with so many options for healing from cancer we don’t always know what to do and where to turn.

Check out these stories……………..I love great healing stories!

My sister-in-law was experiencing tighteness in her neck and shoulder which would result in headaches.  Living with this for so long, she decided to look at other options.  In a local grocery store she ran across a homeopathic chart of symptoms and remedies.  She was so intrigued she started looking for her symptoms.  She found a remedy that corresponded to the symptoms she was experiencing and decide to buy it.  She previously didn’t know about homeopathy, but decided it couldn’t hurt.  She was amazed at the simplicity.  She took three tiny pellets under her tongue a few times a day.  Within days she was feeling better. 

She couldn’t believe it!  Her tighteness, headaches and tension were gone.  Believe it!

She was so thrilled she began telling us about it and began trying it on other symptoms she experienced.  I was so happy to hear others healing through alternative medicine.

Recently we were out on the lake fishing together on a beautiful summer day in Minnesota, she told me her latest story.  She had a boil that was very painful.  It was in a location on her body that was very uncomfortable (I think on her butt somewhere!)  She made an appointment with her doctor and was unable to get in to see him for several days. 

In the mean time she decided to go check out a homeopathic remedy.  She went to the same store and found a remedy she thought sounded like her symptoms. She began to take the remedy and her boil disappeared.  Again she was elated.  She called the clinic and canceled her appointment.

I know you hear stories that this or that happened to people and at times in the back of your mind you wonder.  You really want to believe but a piece of you is skeptical. 

The little tiny gremlin sitting on your shoulder says……

 If that really is true, why didn’t my doctor tell me that?  If that really is true, why aren’t more people saying it is true?  If that really is true, why aren’t there studies proving it?

I know I know…I thought the same thing and then I decided to trust God and listen.

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