Message of Hope and Love

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Great Wise Message from God

“You are the one to witness great changes in the world. The world is hurting and the world is at its best. The world is on a way of destruction and a world of pain.  The world is meant to suffer no more. It is meant to be a vehicle of hope for all.  Love is breaking barriers to what is possible. 

 Let go of the fear there is no fear in healing.  The healing begins with a breakdown in its structure before it can heal the wounds of itself. Many will witness the change in what will happen next and that will be a way of peace among nations.  The nations are at their worst and at the same time at their best. 

 Healing will bring the people together and the governments and leaders will have to listen to all those who work for peace and fairness among men. This is the nation among nations helping and supporting each other to a better world of tomorrow.  The right time will come in building and breaking down the walls of tomorrow’s leaders. Rebuilding a better tomorrow of the people in place of the heart ache and pain of the people. 

 Let your heart sing and believe the words. You will witness big changes that will benefit the nations.  The hearts are ready for change hope and dreams to take place for themselves and their children of tomorrows.  There are so many beginnings and so many endings to the story of destruction but there is only one god and only one way that will make it possible for the world to mend. That is bringing the heart of the people back to tomorrows dreams and what is possible to create if you are ready and worthy of that change. 

Love is the only real thing you can count on. Love is unending love sees no pain. Love only creates what is imagined and what is real. Let it be so. ” Thor

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  1. Charles Richey Says:

    Sheila, you can add my wife to the list of cancer survivors.

  2. Andy King Says:

    Sheila, Love is a medicines that Heals almost all diseases.

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