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Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation is a new book out by Dr. Bartlett, founder of Matrix Energetics. 

The following is a review written by a doctor after reading the book and experiencing Matrixs Energetics.  I wanted to include it here as a testimonial to the possibilities of energy, consciousness and our ability to heal.

“I would not be writing this review, but I decided to after reading the previous post that this book is “Total Bunk.”Being a doctor and also interested in quantum physics, I was intrigued with the idea of combining the two.I read the book with a somewhat skeptical mindset, but tried to keep open-minded enough to see if there was “something” I could get from it.I agree with some other posters that the book is somewhat of a hodgepodge and not really good at explaining the techniques.For writing, I would give it only three stars.I also thought some of the claims made either by the author or by some of the seminar attendees (as outlined in the book) were a bit pie-in-the-sky.I went to the website and noticed an upcoming seminar close to me and decided to see for myself what it was about.

Well, Dr. Bartlett got on stage and brought up people from the audience. One after another, people were falling over backwards after he touched them.It looked similar to the b.s. you see the supposed televangelical “healers” do. One man stood in an uncomfortable extreme extension posture on stage for about twenty minutes while Dr. Bartlett continued teaching and working on other people on stage. I thought I was probably witnessing some kind of hypnotic suggestions.

The next day of the seminar, Dr. Bartlett began teaching us how to do what he does.The woman sitting next to me was another doctor who had stopped her medical practice many years prior due to multiple cervical (neck) and lumbar (low back) spinal fusions from previous injuries. She had almost no strength in her right arm due to nerve damage from the neck surgery and constant pain and spasms in her left arm and shoulder from compensating for the weakness on the right. We looked at each other, both skeptical that anything like Dr. Bartlett was saying could be true, let alone us be able to do it after a brief intro.

On my first “application” of the first technique on her, there was some reduction in the spasms in the left arm with a total reduction of the pain.I decided to move on to the left arm to something I could measure more “objectively. ”I first tested her forearm flexor muscles and found almost no strength, then applied Dr. Bartlett’s technique and retested. To our astonishment, she instantly regained about 50% of her strength.I applied the technique on that same side once again and retested.She had a full level 5 (normal) strength rating.I then moved on to the time travel technique.The doctor fell back into her seat when I got to the age that her neck injury occurred.I then two-pointed, with focused intent, to her neck, and “got out of the way. ”She instantly looked several years younger (we later joked about using this for anti-aging) and I told her to move her neck. Her ranges of motion were almost normal.Still being somewhat skeptical that I could have had anything to do with something like this, I spoke to her the next day to ask her if her improvements lasted, which they had. She had spend a part of the night reassessing her beliefs and I could see she was experiencing a total life change. Dr. Bartlett ended up bringing her up onto the stage on the last day of the seminar and worked on the rest of the range of motion in her neck and then her lumbar spine, having no idea that her entire lumbar spine had been fused.She bent down and touched the floor with her fingers. The stressed, skeptical face I saw in her on day one turned into one of extreme joy with a very wide smile and she was blinking back tears.

The other people I worked on were not as dramatic and I didn’t have as dramatic effects occur on myself (but didn’t have anything in particular that needed “healing”), but after I used the “time travel” technique on another person, I was able to give her a rundown of her life experiences from age to age that she said was “very accurate.”As I did the technique on her, I “felt” things at certain ages and wasn’t certain what I was feeling.AFter it was over, I gave her a quick overview of her life, not knowing what I was going to say until a split second before I actually said it.In other words, I ended up giving her a psychic reading of her past, but had no idea what her past was until I began to verbalize it!

Once I got home from the seminar, I applied the techniques to my partner (another doctor), who has a long history of injuries, including one that lead to back surgery, and terrible, contorted posture.To our surprise, he leaned forward and his very contracted calves began to elongate, then he went into a strange dance standing in place that we could see was correcting his lower legs and pelvic region.The injuries that lead to the calf contractures occurred when he was a teenager.It was the first time in decades that he felt them lengthen and relax.The next day, the focus was on another aspect of his posture.He went into another standing dance that was different than the day before and was more flowing–kind of like tai chi.It was apparent that he was moving in directions he was not able to voluntarily do on his own.This lasted about 25 minutes until he was becoming fatigued and decided to stop it, but during that time, the dance changed and I could see the focus on another aspect of his faulty postural patterns as though his nervous system was being retrained.By the way, he did not attend the seminar because he was totally skeptical and was surprised when his body began to spontaneously move when I first touched him.We have more work to do, but he reports that he is able to walk more comfortably and his chronic postural pain has reduced.

Dr. Bartlett himself does not claim to “know” exactly what he’s doing.In fact, his emphasis is on shutting down the logical left side of the brain in favor of the subconscious and creative right side.It’s basically having a focused intent for the person you’re “working” on, then throwing it out to “the universe”, “God”, “higher power”, “higher self”, your “guides”, “angels”, “collective unconscious”, or whatever you’re comfortable calling it, to do the work from there.I certainly cannot claim, with all my training, to know exactly what I “did”, except to use my consciousness to collapse the probability wave in spacetime to set “something” into motion.

And so, this bunk-seeker will be signing up for the next level seminar and will probably end up getting certified under Dr. Bartlett.This appears to hold much more promise than the $80,000 in student loans that I took out to pay for my medical training many years ago.This, I do believe now, is the medicine of the future or at the very least–a new branch.Dr. Bartlett is on to “something” and it’s apparent that this is only just the beginning.”

Product Description
“Matrix Energetics is powerful, versatile, easy to learn, and simple to use. It is not limited to any one form of healing. For over fourteen years, I have witnessed physical, emotional, and disease reversals, including terminal cases. Dr. Bartlett’s methods are among the most exceptional of the healing modalities that I have studied. This book will be of long-term value to all who read it.” — Christopher Hegarty, Ph.D., alternative health researcher/journalist and former editor for Alternative Medicine Magazine–This text refers to the Kindle Edition edition.

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