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I Love and Accept Myself exactly as I AM!

This is the most important piece of the puzzle for living.  If we believe this and act this and BE this, your life will be more peaceful.  Under the layers of beliefs you have aquired since you were a child, is the underlying fear of not being good enough.  As a newborn baby you knew you were love.

With time we begin to think “I am separate from love”.  Through our experiences we develop thoughts that I have to heal, improve, and change who IAM to know love. When in effect what we have to do is ‘realize’ love – what we already are. We do this by accepting who we are, honoring our vulnerabilities, and living within peace by not seeking to continually fix who we are.

Only when we truly love ourselves do we have it to give to others.

When you know that there is nothing you have to do, nothing to improve, you live in love, experience love, and express love.

Once you know this and have the tools to experience this, life flows.  The present moment is the place of love.

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