Love Your Mind Too

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The mind is not the enemy, but we can make it so!

We need our mind to use and function in this world.  We just have forgotten how and when to use it.  We have come to believe we are our mind.  All the thoughts that exist have always existed in the universe.  There are no new thoughts.  We just keep thinking them over and over.  Then through time we have come to believe these thoughts and live by all these thoughts and NOW have become these thoughts.  As we have become these thoughts, we have lost ourselves.  We no longer can remember who we are.

Your thoughts are not to be avoided.  You don’t need to try so hard not to think them or to meditate them out.  Your thoughts are to be loved and understood.  When we try hard to change we are fighting against what is part of our existence.  Fighting against always creates more of the very thing.

We don’t want to kill thoughts, we want to embrace and love them.

We as human beings are the balance of human and being.  The human self is the physical self that expresses itself in life.  It is your mind and ego self that is essential to living each day.  We need this part of us to do all the activities we engage in every day.  We plan and set goals, work, conduct meetings, manage our households, etc using our mind.

The being part of you in your true nature, or who you really are.  It is your heart or soul or consciousness, connected to all, to God, to the universe.  It is the stillness within.  It is the connection to the wisdom within.  It is YOU!

Your ability to access the stillness within you, this consciousness, will allow you to be in this place and then choose when to use your mind.

When you use your mind and your thoughts, ego or human self, to live in the world and be the stillness, you have balanced your human and being.  This is when life works for you and you can create what you want.

When we are able to use our mind and thoughts in our life, but stay present to who we are, we will experience peace and freedom.

See your mind for what it is and know YOU!

To heal, to be whole, to live in peace is what we came to experience. 

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  1. Integrative Medicine to heal from Cancer Says:

    [...] No one system, tool, product or treatment can do it all.  We have to heal all aspects of our being.  Not just this crazy physical body that we think is all of us.  We have an emotional body that plays a major role in who we are and also in our overall health.  We cannot be carrying around a heavy load of emotional baggage and be well physically.  We have a mental part of our being that we get lost in too.  Read more here on Love Your Mind too. [...]

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