Love Above All

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From my beautiful friend Samantha Noelle Golt

“We can and ought to love everything around us, our family, our friends and each stranger, indiscriminately, as we love ourselves.

If we cannot love and serve those close to us we have nothing.

 We love not by feeling or thinking but by doing, by being love and in being love we know that we are here to serve the One, the All, because when we serve that is when we are love.

We are able to choose love over the self, over the ego, and that is true freedom, not whether we have the right to vote or to speak up or to get angry or to be naughty or to earn a living or to be happy.

If our concept of love is distorted then we have forgotten to serve. Why is there that conception that the mother or father is the one whose love is the purest?  Is it because they serve their children above themselves?

 We can apply this concept to all, without being radical about it, just in the smallest of things, through this we are able to allieviate the suffering which most of our brothers and sisters are living with each day, each hour, and to do so in those moments where and when we can.

Love in One, love above All.”

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