Let it Go!

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With each experience in Tulum, I became quieter in my thoughts and more aware. It is a feeling of calm and centeredness.  Although I was active in my physical being all day on the beach, in the water, in healing sessions or exercise sessions, I was still in  my mental being. With this came an awareness of life around me. People’s words and actions became more alive. The sounds were more alive and colors more vivid.
With my senses engaged, an inner knowingness is revealed. I guess it’s always there; we usually can’t hear or feel it because we are distracted by our physical and mental worlds. The chatter of our minds and the motions of our bodies cover up our connection to the inner world and our true self. Then we lose our source of natural wisdom.
I felt it was time for a cleansing and healing session with a local healer. A non-English speaking woman led me through the woods to a quaint, open cabana. I was welcomed by the smell of incense and the flickering of candles in the night. She caressed every point of my body; artfully  massaging and dislodging blocked energy. I could feel her pulling junk
out of my hands and feet. It felt as if old emotional baggage was pulled  from my body. A release of energy long carried is freeing. I felt completely  relaxed, peaceful and renewed. I was ready to face the world.
With the release and renewal, awareness increases and I began to “see” my life more clearly. I saw how I created experiences in my life to suffer. Why do I keep reenacting the same thing over and over? It seemed so clear  and simple. Let it GO!!!!
Lesson four was felt deep within… Choose what I want to experience and create what I want NOW!!
Use these lessons NOW!
Next time….The PANIC within the Sweat Lodge Ceremony!

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