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When we move out of our problem state
and move out of our stories of what it is or has been
We shift our reality. There are infinite realities.

In order to get something new, Move out of what you expect
To a different set of outcomes, taylor your conscious mind.

Healing implies there is something to be healed then there must be a disease.
These are artificial boundaries we have created. It’s harder to manifest a change when
we come from a consciousness of disease.

We are all one spirit, the mind and body encompass one spirit
Set aside all problems and struggle

Its proven from quantum physics there is time travel, protons can travel backwards and forwards in time simultaneously.

Our body doesn’t know I am too old to change, our body doesn’t have that sense.

The awareness of what you were what the body was still exists as a hologram and you can access it. We can access this awareness. Its being proven every day.

I know I know this sounds crazy to the logical mind. Don’t use logic trust believe because it is
happening right now to others. Would you be willing to open to the possibility?

Why wouldn’t you, if it can’t hurt you, if it could help YOU?

With focussed intent and trust and belief, you can move back in time right before this incident, cancer, disease etc. happened. We can change that pattern of molecules, reconfigure that pattern and can instantly experience change. The cool thing is, it is actually scientifically proven.

This is what matrix energetics can do….whoo hoo! The time is here.

Come back and listen to the founder’s daughter, Justice Bartlett who I am chatting with tomorrow on Truly Alive radio.

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