Let Go and Heal

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Letting go of expectation takes tremendous courage because it can be our expectations that become the foundation of our lives.  When we begin to know who we really are and then embrace the physical, mental and emotional me, we can let go of the expectations we have for ourselves.

What are the expectations you have for yourself?

What happens when you don’t meet those expectations?

We spend so much time, beating ourselves up for what we did and what we said and even what we were thinking in our heads.  When we can drop that and know that is not who we really are, we can take a step to do the next thing. 

Often experiences come into our lives that are unexpected.  “I didn’t want that!” “Why did this happen?”

Could these experiences arrived to assist us to awaken a stronger awareness to love?

“When we choose to let go of our expectations we are opening ourselves up to receive, believe, allow, and experience the wisdom of each moment. Within your life live with freedom from expectation through your willingness to experience what is available to you to nurture love. awakening wisdom, courage, and love within your actions.”  Genie O’Malley

Within the wisdom of each moment, you are aware to choose and experience anything you want.  MAGICAL!


Focus on the wonderful things in every person. Look for only those things.

Do not blame or criticize anybody, ever.

Free yourself of the responsibility of trying to make other people happy. Respect and love them enough to allow them to take care of their own happiness.

Get your attention off those things in others that don’t make you feel good

Do not expect others to behave in a way you want, so you will be happy. Release yourself forevermore and know that you alone control your happiness and it is a choice, no matter what anyone else is doing.

Let go of any and all resentments from the past you may be holding of everyone and everything.

Never criticize or blame yourself or anyone else for anything!

Words of wisdom shared by your cancer survivor speaker, please pass it on and spread the love.

4 Responses to “Let Go and Heal”

  1. DarrenGibson Says:

    Never criticize or blame yourself or anyone else for anything! – Great thoughts in your writing

  2. Sheila Says:

    Thanks Darren,
    keep your wisdom flowing here

  3. Joely Black Says:

    What a wonderful post and just what I needed to read today! It’s a great reminder to live and delight in the present.

  4. Kimberly Says:

    Thank you Sheila
    You have a wonderful site. I will be happy to share it with my friends.
    Many blessings Kimberly

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