Lessons from Tulum

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Then the reality hit….I am alone in this darkness and I am scared to death!

What could I have possibly been thinking?  Staying in a stick hut all by my self, in some foreign country, in the middle of a jungle, with murders, rapists, burglars, wild animals………………………….

As the travel fatigue increased, my mind accelerated………………………….

Looking at the door I realized anyone could knock it down.  The three inch gaps between the sticks offered a perfect opportunity for someone to reach in.  The candles flickered and shadows paraded across the walls of my hut.  Was that a person shadow or a palm tree shadow?

Ridiculous!! I was creating all of these crazy thoughts.  This wasn’t real, I was creating them!  Then I began to believe it!  My mind was taking over my reality and who I was.
I knew it, so I watched it.  I watched my mind create horrible thoughts over and over.  I felt my body unable to relax and sleep.  I felt my emotions vacillate between terror and desperation.

WOW!  This is what we do in our lives. 

In the midst of the fear, I had stepped out and became the observer.  I reconnected to my heart and my true self.  And I saw clearly how we all do this every day in our lives.  We allow our minds to become us.  As I rested in my heart space, I was calm and drifted off to sleep.

As my eyes cracked open, peering through my bug net over my bed, the beautiful blue sky greeted me.  The birds were singing and the aqua sea reached as far as I could see.  The palm tree outside my hut gently stretched in the wind.  The beauty is overwhelming. 

I lay in my tented bed pondering life and the horror of the night and the beauty of the day.  What is real? 

Lesson one of my adventure was felt deep within my heart.  The mind creates all our suffering.

This was an experience for me to explore and be adventurous.  In reality this was going to be a tremendous opportunity for growth and transformation.  If I choose……………

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