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Finding meaning in cancer……………………..
Write your thoughts and feelings down in a journal:
Keeping a diary or journal may help you understand and find meaning in what is happening in your life.
You are free to write about anything you like, including:
• Feelings
• Relationships
• Hopes and fears
• Your life after treatment
• What it means to you to be a cancer survivor
• Your plans for the present and the future

You may find the process of journaling helps you recognize areas in your life that you can feel good about and areas that you want to change.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot to do your writing. Spend as much time writing as you want. You can write several pages, a couple of lines or even just one word to express how you feel or what you are thinking.  Understand what’s important in your life:

Make a list of what is important to you, such as your goals, dreams and what you hope for in the future.
• You could have a short-term list related to the next few days or weeks and a long-term list related to the next month or year.
• You can decide what is most important to you on the list and try to accomplish those things first.

Create a plan of action:
• From the list you have created, pick at least one or two of the short-term items and make a plan of action for how you can accomplish them. For example, you might have on your list something related to wanting to enjoy life more.
• The plan of action might be that you would do at least one thing each day that brings you joy. This could be sitting quietly while enjoying a cup of tea, going for a walk in the park, playing a musical instrument or soaking in the bathtub.
• Also, you can pick one or two long-term items. For example you might want to learn more about a specific topic.
• The plan of action could be to get a class brochure for a local community college or to look for courses online.

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