Isn’t Anyone looking at Healing The Body with Cancer

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We all know something is working with our medical systems today. Costs are rising for health care and insurance.  More and more people don’t have health insurance and can’t get the care they need.  Something has to change.

Through all my experiences as I travel the medical hallways with cancer, I realized the system in the west is to treat the symptoms.  If they got rid of the symptoms, they believed they were successful.  But what about the cause??  Who was treating the cause or looking for the cause so we could heal our bodies.  I was so discouraged that I couldn’t find anyone to help me heal from cancer in the medical industry.  How could that be?

So what if they got rid of the tumor, if the environment where the tumor grew didn’t change.  Its a pretty good bet I would grow more cancer cells! 

The same is true with asthma, skin rashes, herpes, etc.  You can get rid of the symptom, the breathing difficulty or rash, etc. but what did we do to heal the processes of the body so the symptoms never come back.

HOW CAN WE HEAL??  That is the question every doctor on the planet should be asking!!

Intuitively I knew I had to find the reason my body was making cancer cells.  What was going wrong in my cells or processess that I was so messed up.  I have been searching and learning and growing and healing for years.  WhoooHOO!

I am still alive to be still on this journey!!

Didn’t God tell us we were created to heal our bodies??  How the heck are we suppose to do that?

I am so grateful more and more is being said about healthy lifestyle and prevention.  I am so grateful that there is scientific evidence linking stress to disease.  I am so grateful that more and more doctors are stepping out to share how and why our bodies are breaking down and what we can do to heal.

If we give our bodies what they need, we can heal.  I am a walking, breathing example.  I know there are certain vitamins and minerals that will help my body heal.  Email for cancer support.

It is not just a pill you can pop which will heal you, it is much more than that.  You must heal all aspects of YOU!  Heal body mind and spirit!

We now know that our thoughts and our emotions have a lot to do with the physiology of our bodies.  We now know our spiritual awareness has a link to healing our bodies.  There is more and more research being done in these fields which will increase awareness.  People still need proof it is true.  Don’t forget you are more than your physical body.  Even though we can’t see something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

One step at a time we are making progress, the industry is changing and together we can heal.

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