Integrative Medicine to heal from Cancer

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To heal from cancer or any illness I believe with all my heart, we have to use a “whole” approach.

No one system, tool, product or treatment can do it all.  We have to heal all aspects of our being.  Not just this crazy physical body that we think is all of us.  We have an emotional body that plays a major role in who we are and also in our overall health.  We cannot be carrying around a heavy load of emotional baggage and be well physically.  We have a mental part of our being that we get lost in too.  Read more here on Love Your Mind too.

Then we have our spiritual being that most of us have lost along the way.  We forget who we really are.

Now we have our body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to be well and whole we must address all of these.

An integrative approach to healing anything is the key for all of us.  Integrative Medicine is more common now than 5 years ago.  Some hospitals have a division of department for Integrative Medicine.  We must combine the best of all disciplines to heal ourselves and to heal society in general.  The rate of disease is so great right now.  This is the time to work together and find the best that works.

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