Immune System and Negative Energy

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So what happens to our cells filled with these negative energy emotions.  The cells break down……….They get tired………They start to slack off……………….They can’t perform their functions as efficiently as they use to……They become cancer.

(Interesting……Have you ever felt like this like these cells….Many people live their lives feeling like this)

But when your cells are not doing what they are suppose to…..your body starts to break down and you are in Dis-ease.

Then they tell you, you have a disease and then label it as cancer, MS, etc…. 

So we do have control over how we deal with negative energy.  We can carry it around with us and let it affect our health or we can let it go.  Negative energy can be any experience, feeling, emotion, relationship, or thought.  When we identify with the negative energy and carry it with us and relive it and react to it over and over, it will affect our health.

These stored thoughts over time become our beliefs.  Even if it is a terrible thought and belief.  Then we keep this memory and recreate the same belief over and over in our life.  When we become aware of this we can begin to identify these memories and thoughts and beliefs in our lives that we keep reliving and eliminate them.  LET THEM GO!

Letting go will be critical in improving your health and definitely be critical in becoming a cancer survivor.

We do have some control over getting or not getting cancer.

We do have control over being a cancer survivor.

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