Illusions of life can Save Your Life!

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My friend Jaques wrote this for us and it is so true…the lies we tell ourselves and then live out every day.  We think they are true and real and we carry them with us and live them.  They are not true.

They are showing up in our life for a purpose.  We wanted them to show up for us.  We actually set it up this way

They show up for us to see what it is we want and don’t want.  They show up to remind us that we are not those thoughts or words or actions.  They show up to remind us who we really are.  It is like a game.  We came here knowing the rules and how life worked and why we are here.  Through life we slowly forgot the rules, how the game was played and why.  Even if we have forgotten, we are still playing the game because we are living.

So we have adopted our own rules and how life worked, we began to believe them, and now we have convinced ourselves that they are real. 

All of the so called challenges (we only think they are challenges) that show up for us is the method we created to help us remember!!

How perfect the words in the poem Jaques wrote.

Hallow We—-

Take off our false disguises
Stop living from unrealistic expectations and the Lies
That we have allowed others and even ourselves to believe
There is so much more that we can achieve
Don’t let any challenging situation allow you to be deceived
We are made in the likeness of Holiness
It is time that we focus on our blessedness
Take the time to be still
So that our Divine Will, will be revealed
Let us be a little more gentle with ourselves and each other
And Be the change we want to see in another
Let the Divine in you shine like a star
As you are reminded how Hallow We are

peace and blessing,

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  1. Steve Tallamy Says:

    Such a lovely poem Sheila, and as you say there is so much truth in it that we all need to be aware of it. I am learning to turn the challenges into true signs that need acting upon or false ones to be ignored but learned from.
    Thank you for sharing.

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