I Wonder…..

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The simple phrase I wonder……. opens up a piece of you to explore and see and feel your deepest desires.

I wonder what today will bring…

I wonder what I really want to do right now….

I wonder what my greatest gift to the world is….

I wonder how I feel about…..

I wonder if I should call__________….

These simple phrases allow you to stop…it opens you and helps you to feel and get a glimspe of the answer.  All our answers are within us.  Often we act or react to something someone says or what someone wants or wants us to do, without really stopping to check in what is the best for ME!  When we react we are acting on autopilot..we are going through the motions without a clear direction and without lining up with our true wants and desires.

 I love what Neale Walsh says about reacting…He says when we are in REACTION we are not seeing clearly or acting with clarity.  We act with clarity when we are lined up with the true us, the us within, the power within, our true self.  So reaction is based on something outside of ourselves.  But when we are in CREATION mode, we are responding with clarity.  We are responding to something by first checking in, finding our answers and lining up with our truest self and true desires.

REACTION        vs         CREATION             There is only one difference in these words…and that is the letter C.

So when we “C” clearly we are the creators of our reality.

So stop today and ask I wonder…….and watch what unfolds.  Practice…this is a habit to develop and use to create what you want in your life.

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