Hydrogen Peroxide?

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Yesterdays post really got me thinking………………..

I had several surgeries when I was dealing with melanoma.  During a very extensive surgery, removing organs and doing some exploratory work looking for tumors, I got a staph infection.  One day my incision split open and there it was……….

That staph changed my life really………don’t want to tell it here…..read it in my story Song of My Soul………

Now as a cancer survivor speaker I wonder what do I tell and what don’t I.  What do people want to know.

At that time I had a wound specialists come to my home and take care of my incision and infection.  I thought then that it was so bizarre that all she did was come and pour hydrogen peroxide over my incision and stomach.

Fast forward now 12 years.  My son had a halo on his head with pins into his skull. The pin sites had to be cleaned daily.  But whatever we did we were not suppose to use hydrogen peroxide.  Why not now?  Why alcohol now?

Lots of questions, and not a lot of answers.  Who do you trust? 

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