How You Release the Past

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I just woke up with the most amazing experience!

Throughout my cancer experience, I had a tremendous amount of pain, fatigue, nightsweats and the load of symptoms all of us have when dealing with cancer.  And they really suck, don’t they? 

I would wake up for years in the middle of the night with these awful symptoms and feelings.  Sometimes it would get so bad I would be so anxious, sad, hurting, etc., I would jump out of bed thinking I could run away from it.  I couldn’t……….It only made it worse.  Of course at the time I didn’t know that.   I didn’t know how I was continuing the cycle of pain by giving it more attention and then living in the past pain.

Last night I woke up with the same feelings I had for 10 years.  My body hurt and I was having a night sweat and felt that anxious awful feeling.  My first reaction was to get up and run, just like the past. 

Then something hit me………….And I thought, “I am not giving that past feeling any attention, that was a long time ago and not NOW” 

IMMEDIATELY all the pain, the night sweats, the anxious feelings dissolved!!!!!!!!!!!! 

As if they never existed………………………Let’s see now what happens.  Maybe they really don’t exist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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