How Will You RESPOND?

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“All the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you.”
- Richard Bach

When we get a raise, start a business or take our lives to the next level of successful living it’s relatively easy to believe that our belief system is what has brought those things to us. We know that it’s possible to manifest all the great things we have in our lives and acknowledging that we’ve done it is easy.

What about the not so great things? Are we to believe that all the things we attract are good, right and wonderful and things that are not wonderful are the fault of fate?   What about attracting or creating disease?  Are we responsible for that also?

Responsibility often frightens us into the emotions of guilt, regret, and fear of the unknown.  If we reframe the word RESPONSIBILITY, and say,

 ”I have the ABILITY to RESPOND”

This exemplifies empowerment and choice.  How great is that?  We all have a choice each moment to make a different decision if we don’t like what is happening in our lives.  This is freeing to know we do have some control over creating whatever we want in our lives.  It is our free will to respond any way we choose.

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