Hope Is A Gift of Spirit

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Our connection to spirit is our connection to life itself.

In this space, anything is possible.  In this space miracles happen.  Are you waiting for a miracle?

Stop waiting and know you are the creator of the miracle.  Within you is the power to create the miracle for yourself and therefore a gift to the world.  We are an energy field of information.  Each thought, word and action and feeling is energy.  This energy is what creates our reality.  It is not something outside of us that is creating what we are experiencing.  It is us….

So what are you creating?

This connection to our most infinite self is the message of all the wise teachers and prophets that have come before us.  They used stories and parables often to help point us in the right direction.  Often we have used our minds to understand the story, and lost the meaning. Or we have taken the story literally and tried hard to recreate the story in our own lives.  These stories are pointing us to the place within us that is divine, that is our birthright, that is who we are and how we were created.

Great teachers today our also sharing stories, their life stories, again to help guide us to that place of which we are. To help us remember that we are a divine being, with infinite power within, to experience life in a physical body.  How do you choose to experience life?

Just one word, or one teacher or one act can open a crack within us to feel and know and remember who we are.  When this happens it shifts us to a new energy space, or a new energy level, where more awareness is experienced.  As our awareness expands, we begin to open our energy, our hearts and feel the energy of our spirit and therefore the connection to all that is, God or the universe.

This is the process of awakening…this is the shift in awareness and consciousness we can all experience.  This is what we are seeing, reading and experiencing around us right now in 2009, if we choose.

What do you choose?

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